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Mushrooms vs Superman – can mushrooms save the world?

עודכן: 15 ביוני 2020

This is my second year of guiding mushroom gathering tours to the general public, and over 1500 people have already been through my activities, the hope, perhaps prophetic, I had about two years ago that people would be interested in mushrooming was largely due to my personal interest in the field, It was really unclear what it was based on...

Geastrum saccatum - It is hard to ignore the uniqueness of its aesthetic.

So what is the secret of this magic and why are people so passionate about mushrooms?

I don't think there is one answer, I think every person you ask will give you a different answer, but many people will say that they like mushrooms, or are curious about mushrooms, or really love them. In any case, they obviously have an attraction that is not always explained.

In my opinion, We are attracted to mushrooms because we feel they have something to give us.

I don't think we are attracted to Champignon mushrooms at food stores because they are so delicious; they are not that tasty, They are certainly different and provide us with an experience different from eating any other food, but our tremendous attraction to this kingdom is for other reasons. In my humble opinion, it's because we know that they hide a content that can actually change our lives, or as mushroom thinkers say They can fix the world we live in.

anoderma lucidum Reishi fungus - a fungus that lives near tree roots and is found to have a significant contribution to the immune system. Taken in Canada

So what’s on the menu?

Here are some significant transformations that fungi have to our lives. And that's just the tip of the iceberg:

On the physical, health scope:

Mushrooms are a source of many substances that nourish our body and make us healthier. A large part of the nutrients in nature are ones that are very difficult for us to obtain effectively from other sources. For example:

Vitamin D- That famous vitamin which we mammals can get mainly from low sunlight radiation. Mushrooms are capable of absorbing sunlight on an highly effective level, and when we consume them for food we actually consume the D vitamins which mushrooms can produce and make available to our body.,

Studies have also shown that "loading" mushrooms in sunlight increases the available vitamin D levels that they can provide us with ( 1 ) ( 2 ).

Strengthening the immune system - Polysaccharides are chains of sugar that, when entering our bloodstream, simulate viruses and germs, training for the battle - so when we encounter these viruses and bacteria "in real life" we can better deal with them. Fungi contain a large amount of polysaccharides available for use in our immune system Some experts say that mushrooms are one of the most successful sources of external polysaccharides (3).

"Mycofiltration is a promising technology for the management of flood water, gray water, and agricultural leachate "Paul Stamts in a Canadian Mycology World Study Course

Wastewater treatment:

Mushrooms have the ability to purify wastewater. What do you mean, and how?

Well, can you imagine that a large percentage of wastewater treatment facillities we know will use fungus technology?

This is a largely unknown technology, but very important,and has great potential for changing and improving the wastewater treatment world.

It's inventor and thinker is a key man in the mushroom field. And without further ado here is the way the method is presented in an article on his website:

"The technology, known as “mycofiltration” refers to the intentional and judicious use of cultivated networks of fungal mycelium to facilitate water quality improvements in engineered ecosystems. This ecologically rational biotechnology is a promising technique for enhancing management of stormwater, graywater, and agricultural runoff. The approach of adding cultivated fungi to surface water management practices was invented by Stamets in the late 1980s when a serendipitously placed ‘garden giant’(Stropharia rugoso-annulata) mushroom bed reduced bacteria runoff from upland pasture (Stamets, 2005). He named this technology, “mycofiltration” based on the Classic Greek“mykēs”meaning “fungus” (Stamets, 1993)". ( 4 )

psilocybe cubensis. Psilocybin mushroom with a psychoactive component. Photographed in the Indian Himalayas. Credit Photo: Or mizrahi

Mushrooms to help overcome mental illness symptoms including depression:

Of all the transformations the mushrooms can give this person, it is probably the most clear and intuitive value for all of us. The use of psychoactive drugs, although illegal, is a very common phenomenon in our culture - Western culture.